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Your premium meal replacement shake with
a purpose much bigger than weight loss!

Nourish Yourself
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Keep It Real: That’s Our Promise To You
Nourish has NO SECRETS!

Hi, I'm Leisa St Ledger - creator of System LS products, wife, mother of three, researcher, health advocate and lover of life!

I know exactly what it feels like to waste time and energy searching for supplements, shakes and meal replacements that don’t seem to work.

There are so many products stuffed with cheap low-quality ingredients, fillers, additives, chemicals, artificial this and that, all fooling us into thinking we’re getting loads of value.


Not to mention, the exaggeration, hype and a lot of health claims without any scientific evidence.

That’s what inspired the creation of Nourish.

Imagine having a meal replacement that tastes like your favourite creamy milkshake.

A nutrition-packed shake that you look forward to drinking each and every day. A shake you can trust to provide real health benefits and total nourishment for your body.

Nourish has no secrets.

Nourish Yourself
Right Now

System LS has one simple philosophy: If it’s not backed by scientifically
proven health benefits, it’s not included in our product.

The Science Behind Nourish


To help you achieve your goals of weight loss, energy and health, a quality product should contain a short list of only natural ingredients to support your body’s natural biochemistry.

We've gone to extraordinary measures to find the cleanest, most superior ingredients you can trust.

We’ve got nothing to hide:

Nourish Ingredients: Grass fed whey protein concentrate, Nuvous, Natural Flavour, Sodium Chloride, Stevia.


Always check the nutritional panel and ingredients because a meal replacement shake should be high in protein and low in carbohydrates and fat.

Nourish contains high quality whey protein from pasture fed, hormone free cows to ensure you get a mega dose of benefits.

High Quality Protein Benefits:

  • Improves satiety (your feeling of fullness)
  • Decreases food intake and body weight
  • Influences hormones that regulate appetite and meal satisfaction
  • Increases metabolism and fat burning potential
  • Promotes weight loss and weight maintenance
  • Our whey protein is suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and the lactose intolerant.


Many artificial flavours, preservatives and additives have not been extensively studied, which is why we choose to use only natural options.

While artificial sweeteners have been given safety approval, studies show they can cause digestive issues and may increase your risk of weight gain, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Nourish contains the natural sweetener shown to have the most scientifically proven health benefits: Stevia.

Stevia tastes great, has no toxic side effects and has been shown to regulate appetite, reduce blood glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and offer anti-carcinogenic properties.

Enhanced Nutritional Value

Completely Nourish yourself with a harmonious combination of
nutrients and a fuel injection of superfood power:

  • Probiotics to encourage beneficial gut flora, enhanced gut health and increased immune function
  • Omega 3s for anti-inflammatory properties and bone, brain and heart healthy benefits
  • Fiber - a whopping 5 g per serve - to promote strong digestion and the elimination of toxins for faster weight loss
  • Monk fruit extract for antioxidants and phytochemicals that scavenge free radicals and provide anti-cancerous activity
  • Spirulina for whole food based vitamins and minerals that aid increased nutrient absorption
  • NuVous for balanced energy and to facilitate fat metabolism
  • Cinnamon contains chromium to naturally combat cravings and hunger and regulate appetite hormones
  • Turmeric provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties
  • Whole food based essential B vitamins for maximising your energy and stamina

Nourish premium meal replacement shake has a purpose
much bigger than weight loss - keeping you energised and healthy!


There’s No Excuses...
With Nourish, Maintaining A Healthy
Diet Is A Breeze

For the price of one cup of coffee per serve, you can skip the caffeine, skip buying take out and feel confident providing your body with the best nutrition that nature has to offer.

Nourish provides the ultimate convenience in a grab-n-go shake. No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll trust that you can stick to your healthy diet routine:

  • Replace 1-2 meals per day to help you achieve your weight loss goals with ease
  • Grab-n-go when you’re time poor and need a quick energy boost
  • It’s your complete meal replacement when you’re too busy to cook
  • It’s your confident choice for breakfast when you need to get out the door
  • It’s your portable meal for that long commute to or from work
  • It’s your nutritious power kick when you’re busy on the run
  • It’s the option that saves you when you’re feeling tired and can’t prep or cook a meal

Everyone should have a tub of Nourish
in their pantry.

It’s your premium meal replacement shake with a purpose much bigger than weight loss!

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Like the look of that delicious chocolate pudding?

You can use Nourish as a highly nutritious ingredient in heavenly puddings, muffins and cakes. It’s your premium meal replacement shake with a purpose much bigger than weight loss!

Nourish Yourself
Right Now

But, the proof I’m really talking about here,
is the results our happy customers are reporting:


Image Image

“Two years ago I tried it, losing 15 kg in 20 weeks, I enjoyed, and I have been on it ever since. I have now become a champion weight lifter winning national medals and it is partly due to Leisa’s help. System LS is a major contributing factor to my success in being able to keep the weight off.”

Image Image

“I had previously lost about 12-15 kg in 9 months the hard way, but could not get passed that 74 kg mark. With System LS, 12 weeks later I am not 74 kgs I am now 66 kgs from a size 16 to size 12 and another 38cm smaller and lost another 7% of body fat, so I have to say thank you to Leisa for helping me achieve this.”

Image Image

“For the last few years I have offered additional treatment to my patiet’s weight loss program using System LS. Some of these patients are so successful on System LS that I find them maintaining it into the future.”


Nourish Yourself

With our super busy lifestyles, it’s often difficult to find the time to stop and eat, let alone prepare a healthy, balanced and nutritious meal.

And there’s no need to. Just keep Nourish on hand!

Replace 1-2 meals a day to energise and nourish your body.

  • Chocolate Decadence or Natural Vanilla
  • Smooth and creamy
  • Tastes like your favourite milkshake

We respect you and value your time and energy, that’s why we tell it like it is and deliver what we promise.

  • Real food ingredients
  • Real nutrition
  • Real science-backed health benefits
  • Real results
  • Really amazing taste!
Nourish Yourself
Right Now

There’s no secrets here.

We’re Keepin It Real on Every Single Level!

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